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Corporate Responsibility

We care about people

INTERSTEEL S.A. is located in a small city of Northern Greece. Caring about your fellow citizens and giving back to your local community is of crucial importance. We serve these values by embracing vulnerable parts of our community and by supporting events of social importance. Moreover, it is important for us to offer to young people the inspiration and the opportunity to enhance knowledge and experience in our industry. Thus, we offer long term internships to young students in collaboration with the Technical Institution of Central Macedonia of Greece.

Our staff is our power! We believe in constant development through continuous education and training. We ensure a safe and healthy working environment through a certified management system. Promoting team spirit and building strong relations among us is the key to a sustainable and successful future for INTERSTEEL S.A.

We care about our environmental impact

In INTERSTEEL S.A. we are fully aware of the environmental responsibility we face in this industry. Hence, we make sure to employ all possible practices that are eco-friendly and use energy resources in the most effective and efficient manner in order to reduce our ecological footprint. Placing emphasis on the environmental sustainability, we manage to produce electric power for the operation of our plant by implementing photovoltaic technology and installing solar panels.